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The Final Hours Commence. [[RP 1/2 v Xavier Miles]] Empty The Final Hours Commence. [[RP 1/2 v Xavier Miles]]

on 1/19/2019, 7:01 am
Young Upstart talks Trash

That right there, would have been a better name for your video, Xavier. Nothing wrong with that at all. Trash talking is part of the game in this industry, isn't it? Always has been, always will be. It's just how the game works. You talk trash, with the hopes that it will lead you somewhere and usually it does. Just as long as you can back it up inside of the ring. Otherwise, your words become as meaningless as a piece of paper that has been scrunched into a ball & thrown into the trash. And the fans see that you are nothing more than a little Chihuahua.

All bark but lack the bite to actually create a dent in this industry.

Dime a dozen, in an industry where dime a dozen is merely going to have you fall by the wayside. A cautionary tale as to what can happen if you let your mouth write checks for yourself that your ass cant cash. Ive seen that tale play out all to many times throughout the course of my career, Xavier. To the point where it's nothing more than a broken record at this point. You spout your trash, name drop your opponent in the hope that it will cause them to for some reason, actually be afraid of you or something like that & back away from the fight.

Some might actually be stupid enough to do that. Those, who weren't cut out for the industry anyways and needed to be weeded out before reality smacked them right in the face and left them crying for their mommy and daddy on the mat. That aint me though. I just laugh at it and wonder what was really going through somebody's head when they called me out. When they stepped up to the microphone and proceeded to merely spit hot air into it. Living in hope that it would string itself into some form of coherent thought. It never does and only serves to make you look foolish in the long run.

Its like you didn't even take the time to do any research on me or think of anything that was remotely interesting or fresh to say. Instead choosing to use me as an avenue to spout your "appeal to authority" and tell the fans that they'll learn who you are once Force is said and done. Again, we've heard that all before. Why should we watch this particular time, as opposed to every other time someone has made that claim? What can you offer that they couldn't? Or is it merely more hot air, attempting to pump your own tires? I'm inclined to believe that its the latter.

Some research wouldn't have hurt you.

I'm actually going to do you a favor here Xavier. Instead of pointing your spiel at how you believe other graduates don't stack up to you. Maybe they dont, maybe you're right there. I don't know & I don't really care either. It's up to you to either prove or disprove that statement. I'm just offering an alternative option of maybe sitting in front of a computer or Television screen and actually researching me. You know, the man who you're going to be facing at Force. But because im a generous person, I'll give you some friendly advice and do some of the research for you.

How about talking about how despite all my accomplishments, I have still never been named as the American wrestler of the year? Or despite everything, im still yet to break through the glass ceiling and assert myself as the bonafide hall of famer i present myself as? I mean, I would have picked apart those points regardless, but it shows that you at least have a baseline grasp on who I am and some substance to add to your trash talk. You could even bring up how I failed to qualify for the "Titanic Rumble" last year if you wanted. Just something to show you're actually educated on the topic you're speaking about. Goes a long way to actually trying and I must stress that word.

Trying to convince people that you will be walking out of Force with the victory to your name and me on my back, looking up at the lights. Just trying to help you out here, as anything would have been better than the route you chose to take. The hill you've chosen to die on, so to speak with this. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll come to this conclusion on your own, considering that as you stated yourself: You were the number one. Numero Uno graduate from the APW dojo, so something like this shouldn't be too advanced for you, I don't think, Or maybe it is and you just wanted to beg and plead for our eyes to be casted your way. Who really knows with this industry any more?

Who is Xavier Miles?

You stated your video off by asking this question, then proceeded to never fully answer it, or even give us a glimpse into who you are. It's a shame honestly, because it was the only part of your video that was remotely interesting. You're right, people do want to know who you are. After all, your own profile admits this is your first wrestling gig and outside of the surface level information like your location and a summary of your life leading up to this point: theres really not a lot people can connect with or understand about who you are. Or what makes you tick. Both of which actually are important to have in this industry, whether or not you want the fans to like you or simply respect you.

Heck, even if you don't really care about them [which by the way, is asinine], they still need a reason to have feelings. Actual emotions towards you. What it is, that makes you, you & not just another cardboard cutout professing to be a wrestler. Then again, thats all you might be. Another echo chamber, cardboard cut out who tries to replicate his surroundings, hoping that it'll somehow rub off onto him. Thats not how it works, kiddo. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you might actually be able to carve some silver lining out of our bout at Force. Though from what little I do know of you, I doubt that will be the case.

Stewart sits atop a caramel reclining one-seat sofa in front of the fireplace of his Louisville residence. A place that he has called home for the majority of his fourteen, going on fifteen [June 14rh will be his 15th anniversary in the business] and the location where he can most often be found. That is, provided that he is not touring due to his schedule in the ring, or on vacation with his wife Rachael and their two children Sonya and Matthew, both of whom are hitting the "teenage" portion of their lives. Sonya being fourteen and Matthew being eleven. Both of whom being the main reason he decided not to extend his deal with the TPW when it expired in November.

As well as being the main reason he had to debate with himself whether or not to actually take up the offer that had been slid to him from the RPW. At this point of his career, its not about the money any more. He has that in spades [after all, he is valued at 58.2 million dollars via Forbes] but rather about two factors. His love of wrestling and whether or not it is a detriment to his responsibilities as a father and husband. The first part is always answered with an emphatic "yes". He still loves the industry and feels as if he can offer a lot more than just a name looking for a moment in the sun.

It's the second question that trips him up and makes him re-consider whether or not he wants to do it again. Whether or not hes willing to sacrifice missing any more significant events in not just his wife's life, but the lives of his kids. For their part, Stewart has always smiled and laughed when stating "they kind of push me towards the ring in a funny way", but to him: that doesn't mean he wishes to neglect them. Of course, he still comes home whenever he can and makes sure to remain in constant communication with his family, but to him: that doesn't replace physical contact with them.

Stewart: "When you've been in the industry as long as I have ..."

He whispers to himself. A common statement he makes when asked about his goals & aspirations in interviews. Whether that be on Television, on radio or even by people on the street. To the point where it feels as if it has been rehearsed each and every time he recites that.

Stewart: "... What more is there really to gain? I've done everything i had set out to do for myself, and if I were to walk away today: I truly wouldn't regret it one second."

Letting out a deep breath, he feels the fire cackling behind him as those words settle in the air.

Stewart: "And i would be lying if I said I hadn't thought of retirement recently. I told Rachael that TPW was most likely my final rodeo and that I was "done" with the industry, but deep down: I knew that wasn't truthful, but rather me trying to justify walking away."

Pausing, you can feel the raw emotion coming from his voice during this monologue. The feelings, that are just flowing from his mouth and into the air. Almost as if this was intended to be a confessional of sorts. A look back into this thought process when he walked away from the TPW.

Stewart: "A way to leave the business and return to my family, yet knowing that I just couldnt. That somehow, wrestling would always find a way to reel me back in. And what do ya know? That's exactly what has happened here. With a new company, called Rapid Pro Wrestling, based out of Michigan."

Slightly smiling, Stewart has fond memories of the state, as it is where he found his first job in the industry. Working for a promotion called Motor City Athletic Corporation, based out of Detroit as a "ring rat" as they are known. Setting up the ring and running whatever errands needed to be run as he attempted to get his own career off the ground. Its funny how these things can go "full circle" in a sense. The state where it all began, could very well be the state where it all ends. Most likely will be, judging by the vibe we're getting from Stewart's words.

Stewart: "It's funny how that works. Michigan is where my career began. It is where my eyes were opened to just how liberating the wrestling industry can be. Just how intoxicating this world truly is to those who wish to indulge within it. It's only fitting that the story ends where it began in a sense. That my true final rodeo, takes place within its confines."

There it is. The confirmation that this RPW stint, will indeed be his farewell. His last hurrah in this industry, no matter how long it lasts. For that, is a question that is yet to be answered & may not be answered until Stewart makes it known that his swansong has arrived and the time for him to ride off into the sunset is upon us.

Stewart: "For now that, that's not for us to worry about. I know the time is dawning and I can admit that. I can sense it creeping closer with each and every day that passes ... just waiting for it to be "my time" to walk off for the final time. That is not now & sadly for young Xavier Miles, it won't be at Force either."

His confidence seeping through, Stewart laughs to himself. He knows that Xavier was probably hoping for him to say this was going to be his farewell, or that he was going to pass the torch on, but instead: got the response that people have come to know and love from the smooth-talking yet confident slugger. After all, he didn't have the nickname "Magnificent" for no reason a decade ago, or even his more recent nickname of the "Destroyer".

Stewart: "No. You have a bright future Xavier and one day: you will have your name up in lights. That day just wont be coming at my expense. Its not personal, this to me is just about reminding everybody that i am still who I have always been. That if you believe that I have become "washed up" & that father time has claimed me, then you've allowed yourself to become fooled. Come Force, you will be able to see that first hand."

A deep breath and his usual smile creeping upon his face, Stewart leans back in the chair, the crackling sounds of the fire the only sounds still accompanying him.

Stewart: I'll see you there, Xavier.

With that, our setting fades.
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