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Michael Relik Biography Empty Michael Relik Biography

on 1/19/2019, 9:21 pm

Real name: Michael Randell

Ring name: Michael Relik

Pic Base: Keanu Reeves

Age: 32

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 219 lbs

Birthplace: Nantes, France

Resides: Gary, Indiana

Billed From: Indianapolis, Indiana


Theme Song: Leap of Faith by Egypt Central

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Anti-Hero/Face)

Entrance: TBP

Wrestling Style: Technician/Ground based offence

Wrestling Debut: April 12, 2006

Wrestling Accomplishments:

* 13x World champion (4x with IPPW)

* Longest Reigning IPPW World champion, single reign (439 days)

* 8x U.S champion (3x SWP)

*17x I.C Champion (7x TWL)

*4x Tag Champion (2x IPPW)

* Holds the grand slam in IPPW, TWL and CPWX

Favorite match stipulation: Falls count anywhere or Submission matches


Common Moves:

1) Hammerlock Legsweep
2) Double leg over the Shoulder takedown
3) Suplex Variations
- Hammerlock
- Belly to Belly
- German
- Rolling Snap
- Snap
- Tiger
- Dragon
- Gutwrench
4) DDT Variations
- Underhook
-Kneeling Snap
5) Judo Style hiptoss
6) Over the shoulder armdrag
7) Japanese Armdrag
Cool Snap Powerslam
9) Muay Thai kicks
10) Roundhouse kick
11) Running Knee Strike
12) Monogolian Chop
13) Spinning Heel Kick
14) Rolling Kneebar
15) Fujiwara Armbar
16) Gutbuster
17) Dropkick
18) Indian Deathlock
19) Body-scissors to abdomen
20) Sleeper

Signature Moves:

Sands of Time - Tiger Bomb

Flashpoint - Jumping Knee Strike


The Deep Sleep - Half-Nelson Choke

Relik's Curse - Backslide Driver
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Michael Relik Biography Empty Re: Michael Relik Biography

on 1/20/2019, 12:51 am
Welcome man. Good to see you here as well. Things bouta get heated now.
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